MGVR Show Episode 04 – FITC Amsterdam Final

Peiter Hergert and I finish up our chat about the FITC Amsterdam titles. We discuss the final days of post production and showing the titles in Amsterdam on the big screen.

Peiter Hergert


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MGVR Show Episode 03 – Gmunk, Jake Sargeant, and Psychedelics for Geometric Design

Gmunk, aka Bradley Munkowitz, was in town giving a presentation and doing a workshop at Wieden & Kennedy, where I work. After that, we went to Peiter Hergert’s house to watch the Aldo vs. McGregor UFC fight. Gmunk brought along Jake Sergeant and Robbie Bolick. Sharon Correa and Michael Gersten from the WK Motion team were also there. When the fight was done, we hung out and chatted motion graphics and recorded it for this podcast.

After one of the workshops we were hanging out in the motion department. Gmunk was checking out what Peiter was working on. It was a UX animation for Turbo Tax. Gmunk gave him a hard time for working on it. It comes up a couple times in this episode.

The presentation that Gmunk did for WK was similar to the 8 Secrets to Intergalactic Conquest.

And of course it wouldn’t be a Gmunk episode if we didn’t talk about psychedelics.

FITC Amsterdam Teaser

Gmunk – Bradley G. Munkowitz

Jake Sargeant -MN8

Robbie Bolick

Sharon Correa – Doesn’t seem to be up

Woodkid – Yoann Lemoine

Black Atlass – Jewels. Directed by Woodkid.

2 Advanced


Ted X Portland 2015

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MGVR Show Episode 02 – FITC Amsterdam, Directing Live Action

I continue my chat with Peiter Hergert about the FITC Amsterdam titles. We talk about his first experience directing live action and working with a make-up artist, director of photography and a stills photographer.

Peiter Hergert

Peiter’s FITC Pinterest Board

Jeredon O’Conner – Director of Photography

Kyle Pero – Photographer


Art and Fear – Book

Cypher Audio – Retrospective on Motionographer

The Knick – TV Show

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MGVR Show Episode 01 – FITC Amsterdam, HTC Vive Live Tour, Pizza

In this episode I chat with Peiter Hergert and Daniel Moreno about the upcoming FITC Amsterdam titles, the HTC Vive Live tour, and techniques for getting more free pizza out of your pizza delivery job.

Peiter Hergert

Daniel Moreno

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